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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Installations
with the Personal and Local touch.

Operating in the central scotland area we have built a reputation for service and quality and would be delighted to discuss your project with you.

Each project is unique, and is treated as such. There is a huge variety of combinations of Patterns and Colours for you to choose from; please peruse these on the linked page at your leisure, although you may find more inspiration viewing some finished projects on the Gallery page.

About Pattern Imprinted Concrete

  • The finished surface is 25% stronger than normal concrete so the patterns are permanent.
  • The colouring used is UV resistant so there is no fading.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • The surface is sealed to repel dirt and stains so they wash off easily.
  • Weeds and algae cannot grow on the surface.

The Phases of Installation

  • Site visit to measure the area and provide a price for the job.
  • Choose colours and patterns
  • Agree a date to start work
  • Detailed survey of the site to ensure all elements are documented – e.g. fall levels are properly assessed so water will run away from the house and / or into drains.
  • Excavation of the area and laying of the sub-base.
  • The concrete is poured, levelled and coloured.
  • A second colouring is applied to the area which gives depth to the main colour and protects / maintains the print when the mats are lifted.
  • The area is washed off and the final colour and print are revealed.
  • Contraction joints are cut into the paved area.
  • Dressing of manholes and other final cosmetic work is done.
  • The paved area is sealed and cleaned.

Please Note: No deposit is required to be paid by our customers.  Full payment is made at the end of the project, once the customer has complete satisfaction with their new driveway?

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